Working Proxy List

x Proxy List - Buy Proxy Advertising

Below are the different options available to purchase advertising.

10 Gold advertisers will be kept at the top of the proxy list ( 8 left )

Then 10 silver advertisers will be displayed ( 10 left )

Then 10 bronze advertisers will be displayed ( 10 left )

Finally 300 free advertisers will be displayed

The more you spend the more traffic you recieve!!

All paid advertisements are rotated so everyone has a fair chance to appear at the top of the list several times.

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Advert Lifecycle

Paid advertisements are kept on the system for 30 days, you will recieve an email when your advert has expired and will need to renew your advert at that point should you wish to continue advertising at x Proxy List.

More Advertising

After you buy an ad here, you can get another one from Tunnel Hub. There are also other opportunities in the VectroProxy Webmaster's Section.